YOU are the answer you seek

Your self-care should be more about listening to yourself before any techniques or modalities are used.

The wellness world is so saturated with “this way and that way” when it comes to what works or is the “best way to your best self” - yet our most potent measurement of assessing our needs and implementing healing is right within our very beings. It’s your intuition - and it’s so much more powerful and useful than any of us can truly imagine. From the mirroring of our inner world to our outer world and the instinctual gut feelings, your intuition is your most trustworthy guiding compass to your body’s needs, your deepest desires and the gateway to your most fulfilling life. Whether you develop it further for physical healing, making more aligned decisions or in knowing if something or someone is truly right for you, accessing this sense within can tremendously enhance your wellbeing. 

A short and easily implementable post today, I’m sharing with you ways that you can enhance your intuition without needing to add to your list of things that need to be done, nothing needs to be ordered, this requires no tools whatsoever - just you and your beautiful heart.

Get your feet in the ground

Connecting your feet to the earth serves an abundance of profound healing benefits, and all it takes is taking off your shoes and standing or walking around on the earth - barefoot to bare earth.


Your physical body is the link to your inner world, your unconscious needs and the vessel to your spirit. As we are spiritual beings, here having a human experience, your human experience is had within your body. Think of this as your interpreter, your body speaks a different language than your intuition or your soul, yet they are intertwined and have the capacity to relate to one another in a way that is unique to you - through your intuition. 

A practice for you to explore this: find yourself a safe and quiet space to be with yourself and no distraction for 5 minutes. Look at your hands, all the folds and crevasses, the lines and bends they create, just be with your hands and notice them and begin to touch them hand in hand, squeeze where it feels right to squeeze, rub and press the areas that call for a little relief, follow your hands to where your hands want you to go - let them guide you, let them speak to you, let them receive back a moment of care and acknowledgement for all they allow you to do. 

Silent break

Needing no guidance here, turn off all sound that is possible to eliminate for a period of time that your day allows, either a break in your day, in the morning or evening time. Finding yourself unplugged completely and just sitting, looking at the wall or out your window, allowing yourself to be with your thoughts, letting them come as they may, race around and go away to maybe come back - notice everything without trying to change a thing. Enjoy this space, and come back to it regularly. 


Your breath has the capacity to dislodge all the stagnant energy and emotions that limit you from expanding into your most aligned self - our breath is the gateway from physical body to the energetic realms. Yet we hold it so often and assume it will continue to cycle, fill our lungs and keep us going. Give your breath some awareness by noticing it at random times of the day - set a reminder on your phone or leave sticky notes up in places that will catch your attention - whatever resonates with you to take note of where your breath is without changing anything. How expanded is it? How fast or slow is it moving? Let your awareness of your breath guide you further.

What works for others truly has nothing to do with you.

Your life circumstances are different from anyone else that is having a human experience right now. Every single thing that purposefully makes you who you are, also makes you different from anyone else - which also requires its own unique recipe for success. This world of wellness is saturated with tips, tricks, techniques and products - which all serve their purpose, but make it really hard to know exactly what to focus on, especially when you’re just starting out in your journey of self discovery and healing. There’s bodywork, which is where my entrance to this world began, and an abundance of modalities in this category alone - there’s diet and nutrition - somatics - fitness - mindset work - manifestation - tarot - oils - so so many options.

My point today, and forever is to gently remind you that everything you require to become your most optimal self resides within you.

YOU are the answer you seek.

Give these tips above a try, forget about what everyone else is doing and give yourself some space to simply be - that alone is a massage for your intuition.



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