What do you even want in life? Thought prompts to get the ball rolling…

Ask yourself…


What is going on here? These actions and habits I’m performing, what are they leading me towards, creating for me?


Without judgement or changing anything, observe it all.


Where do you want to be guided, heading towards or making room for?


Is your current reality in alignment with this?


If not, what can change with love and awareness of it all?


Finding your “why” and deciding on what it is you even want is the biggest step most people don’t even take when trying to create a more joyful and fulfilled life.


Then there’s this expectation and major let down when what we don’t even know we want doesn’t happen.


Decide what you want, and you’re already more than halfway there.


In other words…


Let yourself dream.


Dream big.

Dream small.


Dream about whatever the freak lights you up!


We’ve been far too conditioned to believe that dreaming isn’t productive, or “too much” or unrealistic - and I’m here to set the record straight that every single thing I’ve accomplished in my life is because I dream bigger than my current capacity - I imagine the most “unrealistic” idea and let it become even better.


You are enough.


Your dreams aren’t too big, your wildness isn’t too weird.


Your essence and truth is so deeply desired by this world and the time is now to set yourself free.


Every answer you seek, every obstacle, every limitation you face has a solution that lives within you.


Dig deeper, dissect everything. 

Awaken your power.


xx, r

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