Three Ways To Become More Grounded

In many ancient teachings it is believed that the universe and everything throughout it is made up of Five Elements: Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Each element provides us with all we require to live a balanced and healthy life.

In my personal practice, when I am called to ground in, it’s almost always a sign that I need to slow my role and consider where it is I am operating from. I find the practice of grounding oneself to not only include the one nourishing element of Earth - but all of them, some more than others depending on the rituals you choose to dive into.

When we find ourselves in the practice of grounding in, we are actively bringing balance to our entire being - a calm to the flame of Fire, an ease to the pace of Air, a release with the flow of Water, a stillness through Ether and a deep restoration with Earth. 

So if you thought by clicking this, you would be recommended to spend some time in nature - you were right, but for so many more reasons than what can be comprehended. 

Use these tips below to get you started with your grounding in practice. Go into each one with an open mind and follow where your heart may want to go with it, igniting your creative mind, surrendering to any stagnancy in your current day to day.


Lay down or sit on the ground outside.

Acknowledge the season you are in and lean into the gifts nature has to offer. Winter is actually my favorite time of year for these moments - laying in the snow or frozen ground tightly bundled from head to toe - the silence and stillness of the winter I find to be deeply nourishing. Whatever time of year you find yourself in a Nature Bathe, do so while tuning into all of your senses, your breath and your body - taking note of any sounds, smells and textures for the deepest embodiment and connection to the earth and yourself. 


Spend time with plants.

If you don't already know that having indoor plants help to reduce stress levels and improve air quality, I recommend going straight from your Nature Bathe to your local greenhouse and get your plant therapy on! If you already have one or a ton, you can give them some love and attention by repotting or fertilizing if they need it. Create an indoor plant oasis for yourself to immerse into, allowing them to naturally cleanse and uplift your sacred space and bring new life to your mindset.


Prepare a beverage with sacred intention.

This doesn’t have to be any special concoction - although I am a sucker for flower essences and my beloved cacao blends - this can be with anything you have available to you that feels supportive and comforting. To consume even a glass of warm lemon water with sacred gratitude and consideration is extremely nourishing and grounding. In fact, lets have that be our recipe for the purpose of simplicity.


  • 12oz warm water

  • Squeeze half a lemon or more into your water

  • Stir, sip, smile at yourself and express this affirmation. 


I am grounded. I am present. I am balanced. I am pure.

I am grateful for this moment of restoration and peace.


Start your morning with warm lemon water and a moment of silence to begin your day from a place of ease and connection to yourself. 


Before taking the step to embody any of these grounding in rituals - consider where you are coming from, so that you can bring your intention into the moment, to not just go through the act of being in nature for example, but to truly find yourself in nature. Finding some time for yourself on the way to embodying a practice or ritual to create a container ahead of time can serve you greatly.


I surrender, I am slow - and from this pace, I can see.

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