The unknown is in your favor - a personal note

I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into…


When I became a mother.

When I decided to write Embody the Sacred.

Or launch Kineo.

Or share my words with the world.

Or go deeper into my own healing.

Or when I said yes to my husband 10 years ago that I would marry him just three weeks after we met.

Or continuing forward every single time life felt scary.


But I DID know all along that this amount of embodied joy was available to me, just as I know it is for YOU.


I didn’t know how much of the unknown was truly in our favor,


And that it was in the letting go where I would find everything I was hoping for, but different, in a better way.


It was all in my embodiment of what was most resonant, most in alignment and almost always inexplicable to anyone else that I’ve found my truest way of being.


The healthiest version of myself yet.


Not a version that is robotic or numb to what is real,


A version of me that isn’t afraid to feel deeper, bigger, scarier emotions - a version of myself that isn’t afraid of facing the death of myself as I once knew, to make space for all that wants to be, all that gets to be.


Nothing exceptional, or unattainable had to happen to find myself here, for my point in all of my teaching in Embody the Sacred and everything I do is the very fact that this embodied power lies within each and every one of us.


There is no one here to do it for you.


And it’s in the moment of that acceptance that everything can change.


Where everything gets to change.


xx, R


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