Journaling Prompts For When You Feel Stuck In Life

Define WHO you want to become.

Stream of consciousness journal on the absolute highest version of yourself. Spare no details, opportunities or expense here. Your limitations are only self inflicted. Zoom out, think big. When you feel like you’ve met an edge, “I can’t make that happen…” you’re getting somewhere, go deeper.


WHAT does this life look and feel like?

Imagine a day in the life as this highest version of yourself and list out every detail from your routine, your emotions, your space, who you spend time with, what you’re wearing and eating, everything about a typical day.


HOW you can implement now.

I’ve spent far too much time trying to perfect this one in my own life - and came to realize that it’s truly doing things imperfectly where I’ve found the most momentum and growth. The moments you feel the most stuck, clogged and unsure of howwwww to make it all happen, and you WILL end up here some days on your journey - ask yourself and answer in writing… What is ONE thing my highest self would have done in this position I’m in today to end up where they are now? Just one thing today.


In case you’re like me and might over think this, here are some examples of how SIMPLE this can be - truly cut and paste. Who you want to be can be as simple as just doing what this version of you wants to be doing!



You want to be a Best Selling Author. Action: Write every single day!

You want to be a bodybuilder. Action: Refine your diet, hit the gym, hire a coach

You want to find your dream community. Action: go to a class in town that suits your interest and stretches your comfort zone. Get out into your community!

You want to be a successful coach in your industry. Action: Help someone today - give out some free advice in your area of expertise!


Bottom line

Get SUPER clear on what you even WANT in life - if you can do that, you’re already so much closer than you can imagine. 


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