It’s the learning how to listen that keeps us from seeing.

Imagine of a woman’s hands holding clear quartz crystals over a white bowl with yellow flowers next to them

It took me three years to embody this understanding…

I’ve been in the world of self healing for an overflowing decade. Every step of the way thus far has felt like THE moment of my rise to self awareness, every ah-ha moment of remembering my souls purpose, the resonance that pings my heart every time I’ve gotten just a little bit more clarity and understanding of who I am has felt like the real f*cking deal.

The “ohhhh, I GET IT NOW.” - until I am reminded, yet again, that I am a spiritual being having a human experience by feeling the emotions that we agreed to feel when we signed our contract to be in these flesh vessels this time around.

I know, that’s all really far out there - but when we go down these paths of healing, it all really can feel that profound, that grotesque, that much of a gut punch kind of awakening.

It wasn’t until the day I gave birth that every notch in my system was turned up to full speed - the pace of awakening, self-realization and healing became an unavoidable task for me, because if I didn’t do this work now, my son would have to.

And that's not why he came here. That’s not why any of our children are coming at this time. He chose me because he knew how much carving had already been done, all the prerequisites I’ve devoured and all the resources that are becoming available for all of us to indulge in so that this generation of earthlings we are raising and those that follow don’t have to spend decades or their entire lives asleep to the Truth of their potential, the Truth of their purpose in being here no matter how “big” or “small” that mission is.

We are in the depths of a global shift, an awakening of humankind.

We are seeing it everywhere; celebrities and influencers are sharing their own Truths of awakening, of knowing and of being with their own audiences. 

The spiritual awakening is here.

And whether or not you have taken your first step, or are going deeper by the breath, your soul is doing everything in its power to guide you towards the thing that you karmically came here to learn, or unlearn in this lifetime.

You are being shown signs on a regular basis the exact path your unconscious mind and soul wants you to take - like reading these words today, or seeing the same sequence of numbers over and over again,

or feeling like you’re supposed to call that person you haven’t spoken to in five years,

or give this stranger on the street all the money in your wallet,

the random yet not at all synchronicities that your conscious mind, or ego, or overstimulated and burnt out mind are either allowing you to see, or possibly not.

Either way, you have everything you need within your very specifically chosen human body to remember every detail of what you came here to remember in order to discover and fulfill your soul's purpose, to rewire your conscious and unconscious mind from the past conditioning that may be keeping you “safe” from exploring all that you are capable of.

If you came here and are still reading this, something within you believes this to be true - that you have something that you believe you are meant to be doing, learning, sharing, undoing, experiencing or fulfilling. 

If you came here and you are still reading this, something within you knows that there is more for you, that there is something that just has to give.

If you came here and you are still reading this, there is likely something within you that is very ready to be healed.

If my own purpose could be condensed down in a single statement it would be that I am here to remind you that everything you need in order to heal, in order to remember and in order to transcend all limited beliefs you are carrying around lives right with your very being.

It took me three years of being a mother to truly understand all that I spent the decade before learning about in Spirituality and the energetic world.

Three years to understand the difference between knowing something and embodying it.

Here is what I invite you to do with all of this:

A lot of nothing.

Like so much nothing it feels foreign to your habitual ways of being and doing. 

This modern world that we’ve found ourselves in, although so on purpose, is full of distractions that our higher selves desperately want to overcome, want to shake us up and out of to see the bigger picture.

It looks different for all of us - fulfillment, purpose, desires - but it’s the same recipe for attainment.

Slow the f*ck down.

Unplug yourself from everything that lulls you in way more often that you may be willing to acknowledge - we don’t need to go there, we just need to stop.

Stop trying so hard, stop doing so much, stop pushing so far.

Your answers are not in more figuring out, thinking and problem solving, and they most definitely are not in your social media feed.

Everything you require to live a life so on purpose and so fulfilling is in your slowing down, in listening to the flicker of your intuition, it’s in your wandering through the woods with your bare feet pressed into mama Earth and your crown opening to father Sky so effortlessly.

The path out of your discomfort, out of the emotions that you’ve been suppressing, out of the repetitive habits that are keeping you stagnant is easy to be found…

It’s the learning how to listen that keeps us from seeing.

So what I want you to do with all of this, again, is learn how to listen by doing nothing.

Carve out 5-60 minutes every single day for this. There is no trophy or award for longevity, it's the showing up and allowing of space for your system that is the reward that continues to give. It’s the trust in the discomfort of the nothingness that curates a path for your wandering thoughts to cartwheel through.

And in that container of nothingness, you will find more ques, more space to listen, more downloads to be received and awareness to be gained. 

In your intentional space of nothingness, you just may find everything.

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